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Mist Systems rolls all of today's most advanced computing capacities into a single, supple cloud service that offers unmatched indoor location capacities for any industrial or business use. Capturing the capabilities of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and machine learning, Mist's patented WLAN technology has been winning awards and accolades since its introduction in 2016. The programming gives users the personalized experiences they are looking for while keeping administrators fully informed of every step and nuance.

Technology at the Personal Level

Mist combines machine learning, cloud technologies and data science to deliver a scalable, wireless experience for both users and administrators. Capitalizing on the best cloud-based services, Mist customers ensure that their customers enjoy all the data security, portability and experience they want without compromising their safety or security. In exchange, organizations obtain deeper, more meaningful data about their client base and how those customers interact with their enterprise.

Mist’s AI Design Supports Multiple Uses and Users

Mist is the first company to use artificial intelligence to inform its Wi-Fi capacities, resulting in a reliable, predictable wireless network that connects users to the services and support they need at that very moment.

  • When security concerns are added to the programming, the technology identifies the exact location of the threat.
  • For end users, the system reads their devices, then scans for their connectability, coverage and other connection concerns. When it discovers errors or problems, it applies its AI capacities to seek resolutions. The administrator receives an analysis that includes where glitches are occurring and what resources are available for repairs.
  • When coupled with machine learning capabilities, Mist’s patented beacon technology offers high-accuracy, indoor location services that are easy to launch and operate.
  • Tracking and locating assets and inventory is one of the computing world’s most perplexing tasks — Mist’s AI processing makes that process easy to accomplish, reducing time and expense in the meantime.

All Access Points — One Platform

Mist designed its products specifically in response to the smart device era. Its wireless local area network capacities (WLAN) offer unprecedented visibility into user experiences while delivering personalized, location-based location services without the need for battery-operated beacons.

Recognizing that users no longer contain their connectivity to Wi-Fi, Mist added Bluetooth capabilities to its array of access tools. And noting the on-rush of internet of things devices, Mist added an expansion port for those IoT devices that will be growing in both popularity and usage. Already, companies are using the expanded capacities to accomplish previously challenging tasks.

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