Zerto's focus on continuous data protection (CDP) lays the foundation for its suite of IT Resilience products and services. Designed to provide IT professionals with products that offer simple to use, agile, and enterprise-wide scalability programming and computing, Zerto saves its customers time, money and precious proprietary resources. Adding analytics and reporting to the mix of products and services only enhances Zerto's reputation as the premier disaster recovery, data protection and workload mobility services provider in the world.

Zerto’s Foundation

Zerto believes the best IT environment is a resilient environment, capable of seamlessly adapting to the inevitable changes that occur in today’s frenetic and hyper-connected universe. The company’s services evolved with the growth of technology and now encompass the three foundational elements of the resilient enterprise:

Continuous Availability

Zerto promises its customers continuous availability of computing processes regardless of the cause of the disruption, from lightning strikes to an overloaded server.

Workload Mobility

Growing a business often means moving systems. Zerto provides data and application migration services to ensure work gets done wherever the worker is located. Fast, secure and comprehensive, Zerto protects corporate data before, during and after every move and transition.

Multi-Cloud Agility

On-prem, single, multiple or hybrid cloud configurations are Zerto’s specialty. Access to services, cutting-edge security options and varied vendor options give Zerto customers the widest possible range of assets and capacities from which to choose their systems.

Zerto Solutions

Zerto brings together the world’s leading computing professionals to provide its customers with the best possible options for their IT and business needs:

Multiple Recovery Services

Zerto taps the programming of globally recognized leaders such as Oracle, SAP, and SQL to provide its customers with the world’s most innovative replication and recovery services.

Multiple Infrastructures

Whether the customer wants an on-prem solution, a hybrid or private cloud, or even disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), Zerto has the configuration and infrastructure needed to get the job done.

Multiple Industries

While Serto’s expertise serves virtually any industry, it maintains a focus on the financial, health care and legal sectors, providing industry leaders with competent, reliable and compliant processing capacities.

Multiple Uses

Its long history of addressing and solving IT challenges gives Zerto an unprecedented capability to address today’s emerging IT concerns and threats:

  • Testing capacities to ensure every security protection and service is the right one for every application.
  • Replication of single instances across multiple opportunities to ensure consistency and reliability at every point.
  • Migrating systems, applications and data across units, sectors and borders.

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