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In the ever-changing industrial landscape, more and more of our customers are asking which of our solutions will help them keep their increasingly-mobile networks secure and efficient. We point them to The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).

A core part of what we do here at CTC Technologies.

CTC Technologies is proud to partner with Cisco to offer this unique and truly-encompassing solution that we believe will put any network security and access concerns to rest. No matter how large or mobile your workforce, ensure protection from endpoint to endpoint and know exactly what is going on in your WAN with Cisco ISE.

What is Cisco ISE?

The Cisco Identity Services Engine is a policy-based enforcement system that grants or denies network access automatically based on parameters that you can set and edit at any time.

With this identity-based system, you can centrally control any wireless and wired endpoints trying to access your network by administering policies that dictate who and what can enter and where and when they are allowed to do so.

Essentially, ISE profiles endpoint devices for any users trying to gain unauthorized access to your network. If and when it finds them, it will either completely deny or give guest access to the user based on your policy settings.

ISE is an amazingly simple, yet efficient solution that helps you keep your network safe without always having to keep your own eyes on it.  Great for mobile, large and/or intricate workforces, ISE’s top features include:

  • Central management.
  • Automated actions based on previously-dictated policies.
  • Regular database updates so that there are no gaps in visibility.
  • Taking care of BYOD devices and guest onboarding and many other day-to-day tasks.
  • Ensuring endpoint-to-endpoint security all across your network to constantly protect your sensitive data.

Cisco ISE Deployment in Five Steps:

Though deployment can vary depending on each company’s infrastructure and individual storage needs, here is a high overview of what one can expect:

1. High-Level Design Guide

  • Site survey.
  • Overview document from Cisco that covers all the major concepts of ISE deployment.

2. Low-Level Design Guide.

  • Here, we gather all of your infrastructure information that’s necessary to administer the ISE solution.
  • This is information that is required to actually configure the solution.

3. Pre-Deployment/Testing for Functionality.

4. Actual Full-Scale Deployment.

5. Knowledge transfer

  • Trading operations, troubleshooting and transfer of your particular configurations.

Cisco ISE Configuration & Deployment Options

Sure, our sales team can consult you about Cisco ISE. And yes, our expert engineers can deploy your solution quickly and efficiently. But, what then?

If your team wants full, hands-on control, then you can take it from there. But as part of our managed services, CTC Technologies would be happy to oversee and maintain your ISE solution for you from our new, state-of-the-art lab that we built right in our office specifically for this purpose.

Our managed IT offerings are flexible enough to fit the needs of any organization. No matter what your situation is, taking advantage of our Cisco ISE managed services will allow your organization to worry less about your security and focus more on increasing productivity and innovation.


Rested and relaxed employees make fewer trips to the breakroom coffee pot. With a Cisco ISE solution, your IT managers can be certain that your network is secure from endpoint to endpoint, allowing them to sleep easier at night and be more productive during the day.

Want to join our list of customers who have already ensured security by implementing ISE into their network architecture? Reach out to one of our sales engineers today and learn more about how ISE can benefit your WAN.

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