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Network downtimes can have a negative impact on your business. Trust in CTC Technologies to provide you with trustworthy network cabling solutions in Auburn Hills, MI

Network Cabling and Structured Cabling in Auburn Hills, MI

The Best Choice for Network Cabling Services in Auburn Hills

The last thing you want during your workday is for your network to fail. Your organization’s productivity will go down and you’ll lose out on business opportunities. 

Investing in reliable network cabling is the best way to ensure that your network runs smoothly while boosting your bottom line. Our team of specialists will handle your wiring and network cabling needs in Auburn Hills. We’ve worked closely with countless businesses in the area to create and deploy network cabling systems that are designed specifically for their company. 

You won’t have to worry about your internal and external communication needs failing throughout your day. Our cable installation is designed so as technologies change, your system will keep working efficiently and effectively. 

Our Network Cabling Services in Auburn Hills Include:

Network Design and Installation

A solid and well-thought-out network design process is key to ensuring the longevity of your network. We’ll create the entire design of your system, working with you from start to finish. 

Server Rack Installation

Don’t let your server room become a chaotic mess of wires. We’ll properly install, label, and organize all the cables in your server room. 

LAN Cabling

Properly installed LAN cabling is a much-needed component of any network infrastructure. We’ll ensure that yours is installed and running up to industry standards. 

Fiber Network Cabling

Our specialists are experts in multi and single-mode fiber-optic connections. Our solutions can give your connectivity the backbone it needs at affordable rates. 

Cat5e Network Cabling

For small to mid-sized businesses, Cat5e is an affordable option for providing you with internet and network connectivity. 

Cat6 Network Cabling

This option provides you with faster ethernet and higher speeds, ensuring that high-bandwidth and high-density environments operate smoothly. 

Cat7 Network Cabling

For businesses with Gigabit Ethernet, our Cat7 network cabling can be installed in your organization wherever you need it. 

Data Drops

Our data drops are affordable and reliable. Get connectivity in any location in your facility. 

Wireless (WiFi)

Many devices support wireless networking protocols. We’ll locate ideal access point placements and install cabling infrastructure to ensure your employees are connected at all times from any device. 

Gigabit Networks (1000 Mbps)

Bandwidth requirements advance as quickly as technology does. We’ll provide you with up-to-date Gigabit network solutions. 

What Sets CTC Technologies Apart

Your project is in great hands when you partner with CTC Technologies. We’re familiar with the unique needs of businesses in Auburn Hills, MI. We continuously deliver high-quality cabling and installation that keeps our clients connected at all times. Learn why Auburn Hills businesses trust in us for their network solutions. 

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Don’t try to figure out your network cabling needs yourself. Trust in CTC Technologies to provide you with reliable and affordable solutions. Stay connected. 

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