Network Refresh Services for Ada, Michigan

Don't let network downtimes disrupt your organization's productivity. Trust in CTC Technologies for network refresh services in Ada, MI.


Network Refresh Services for Ada, Michigan

Don't let network downtimes disrupt your organization's productivity. Trust in CTC Technologies for network refresh services in Ada, MI.

Network Refresh Services for Ada, Michigan

Is your network ready?

What is your IT asset capability? Does your network currently support the continual evolution of modern technologies? Have any of your existing IT assets aged to the point of unreliability?

These are the types of questions and challenges that we at CTC Technologies answer.

Networks and IT assets all age progressively. Depending on your IT equipment, most of your networking infrastructure will range in life expectancy an average of three to seven years, with some equipment components lasting up to 10 years. However, even if all networking components are still working, individual components of older IT infrastructure may not properly support new technologies such as wireless and Voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity.

The only way to manage current and emergent IT technology is by developing a customized action plan to keep your important equipment regularly refreshed and updated.

That's how you keep network ecosystems ever-ready.

Measuring Top Performance

In 2017, Gartner CIO's Agenda Survey on IT measured 2,598 CIO respondents from 93 different nations across all major industries. The net worth of respondents totaled some $9.4 trillion in revenue and public-sector budgets. Combined, they were spending $292 billion annually in IT.

For the purpose of the survey, Gartner then categorized the digitalization of respondents according to top performers, typical performers, and trailing performers. What they discovered: top-performing businesses earmarked at least 44% of their budget for IT efforts. Why? Largely due to the unnecessary costs of preventable slowdowns and other disruptions, as well as pressure from board members who understood the critical need for effective networking and digitalization.

In summarizing their findings, Gartner alerted CIOs who wanted their network to fully participate in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem to focus on 'three core domains':

  • Technology core
  • Organizational capacity
  • Their enterprise's leadership.

Gartner cautioned respondents to digitize strategically and quickly to minimize setbacks and prevent risks.

Building ever-ready IT ecosystems: Cost Benefits

Unexpected IT downtime not only costs businesses billions in revenue every year, but the costs for rapidly replacing system elements during an emergency situation sharply increase. In this digital age, increasing ROI and improving productivity and connectivity are predicated on strategic planning and budgeting. In every wise enterprise, the network refresh cycle should come first.

When it comes to well-performing networks, a good IT service provider can even optimize updates and select new hardware that extends the lifecycle of components from three to six or more years. Additional ROI benefits of network refreshing include the following.

  • Ensuring continuous IT asset capability.
  • Assuring voice, email and unified messaging avoid unexpected downtime.
  • Having a customized, robust solution for making IT networks foolproof and fail-proof.
  • Automating network checks and programming for better stability in business outcomes.
  • Examining and assessing network infrastructure to support wireless, VoIP, virtualization and other emergent technology.

Michigan's full-service IT solutions provider:  CTC Technologies

We specialize in network and IT infrastructure, resolving complex IT projects and adapting platforms to emergent technology. We can offer multi-site network refreshes, large-scale wireless site surveys, global SD-WAN implementation, network security, secure mobility, wireless security, data center infrastructure safety and more.

When your company needs a team of specialized digital technology engineers, CTC Technologies will help keep your network ecosystem ever-ready.

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