Experiencing slow wireless speeds or signal drop? Need help implementing a fast and cost-effective wireless infrastructure that meets the expectations of your mobile, business, and data applications? We can help.

Wireless Network Planning & Design

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing wireless network implement a new one, our experienced team of wireless networking engineers can help you plan, design, and implement a wireless networking solution to meet your needs. Our approach to wireless network planning and design empowers businesses to maintain agility, innovation and differentiation while reaping the following IT benefits:

  • Highly available, fast, and secure
  • Security protocols designed around your business’ needs
  • Improved integration and collaboration across your entire network
  • Improved mobility while maintaining flexibility to meet constantly changing market and organizational demands
  • Ability to handle voice, data, and video

Our process first begins with an audit of your current wireless LAN architecture to see if it is performing up to par with your organization’s goals and technical requirements. From there, we’ll identify any potential problems and create a custom designed wireless LAN architecture that will help you get up to speed. In addition, we not only take your organization’s current wireless needs into consideration, but we’ll also help you plan future-forward so that the capacity of your wireless infrastructure doesn’t fall behind the potential growth of your business.

All of our high-level, wireless LAN architecture designs include the following:

  • Wireless LAN architecture specifications
  • Wireless LAN security design specifications
  • Required data rates, required throughput and desired availability
  • Network management design specifications
  • Software recommendations – Cisco Mobility Services Engine and Cisco Wireless Control System
  • Client device recommendations

Wireless Network Installation

After thoroughly reviewing your wireless LAN architecture design with you and ensuring that it will meet your organization’s goals and technical objectives, our engineers will create a detailed implementation plan to ensure that the installation process is executed as smoothly as possible. This help us to enable a seamless transition to your new wireless infrastructure while reducing delays and costly rework.

As a standard, our team covers the following major installation activities to ensure that your wireless network performs optimally:

  • Proper cabling and installation of all wireless access points
  • Comprehensive labeling / tagging of all critical hardware
  • Verify all hardware and software versions, and deploy upgrades when necessary
  • Perform any hardware and software configuration changes
  • Execute a Wireless LAN Test Plan
  • Run through an exhaustive final checklist to ensure optimum operation, performance, and security
  • Delivery of detailed documentation of the newly deployed system

Wireless Post Installation Support

After your new wireless network is deployed, our engineers will validate your network coverage to make sure your wireless infrastructure has successfully met your organization’s goals and technical requirements. We achieve this by performing RF signal coverage measurements of your new network.

As an added option, our support team can provide your key IT team members with the training needed to internally manage everything. If your organization lacks the bandwidth to manage your wireless network in-house, we also offer fully managed IT services. Our personalized, post-launch consultation and support services are flexible enough to fit the needs of any size organization.