Network Security


The increased level of sophistication in today’s cyber-attacks have proved one thing to be true: the traditional perimeter-centric approach of protecting your organization’s network and data is no longer effective. Organizations now need look at new ways of implementing network security policies. Fortunately enough, we’ve got the solution.

As large enterprises and even federal governments still continue to experience high-level cyberattacks, IT departments and security specialists from a diverse spectrum of industries are scrambling to find the best solution for their organization. At CTC Technologies, we’ve helped businesses and organizations from every sector implement successful security policies by empowering them with granular control and visibility while designing a multi-pronged approach to keep their networks safe and secure.

Our Approach To Designing A Comprehensive Network Security Policy

The foundation of a successful network security solution lies in having the right tools, then getting the proper security specialists to help customize and configure those tools to fit your organization. At CTC Technologies, we have partnered with the industry leader in enterprise-level security hardware and software: Palo Alto Networks. By implementing the right hardware and software into your organization’s IT infrastructure, we can help your network stay protected.

We focus on protecting the following avenues of your IT infrastructure:

Network Security

Your internal network’s firewalls are the foundation or your security policy. Regardless if you have a physical or virtual IT infrastructure, we can help you find the best solution for your organization. Through Palo Alto Networks, we’ll implement either the NX (physical) or VX (virtual) appliances to boost your network’s security. Furthermore, we can empower your organization with high-level network usage tools and authentication based on user identities and not IP addresses, allowing you to have more granular control over your security policies.

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Cloud Security

The majority of enterprise organizations use some type of cloud-based application in their business processes. SaaS applications, however, are accompanied with certain security risks and vulnerabilities. Our cloud security solutions help your analyze your cloud data usage and enforce the correct permissions for your cloud’s data access, keeping your business and customer information safe and secure.

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Endpoint Security

The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices in today’s connected world has made BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies very popular in large organizations. Along with the added benefits of mobility, however, also come risks. We help organizations mitigate these risks by giving them state-of-the-art tools to help deal with malicious endpoint infections. Our advanced endpoint security solutions stop cyberattacks before they start, preventing lateral movement and keeping your endpoints secure.

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Mobile Security

Our endpoint security solutions help your employees stay safe while they are on your network. But what happens when your employees leave your network? Our mobile security solutions address that issue. Our mobile security platform allows your employees to connect to your organization’s firewall through an Internet gateway. This enables your employees to stay protected under your network’s security policies, even while they are traveling.

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