Data Storage


Data storage for enterprise organizations is a hot topic in today’s data-driven business landscape. With so many different solutions on the market, how do you know which is the right fit for your business? At CTC Technologies, we’ve partnered with Nimble Storage to provide data storage solutions that provide the flexibility, scalability, performance, and security that your organization needs.

Tired of maintaining and replacing hardware constantly? Having a hard time keeping track of your current server and storage infrastructure’s components? Look no further than our enterprise data storage solutions. With a Nimble-backed data storage environment, we can help your organization reduce its data center footprint, increase your storage capacity, and boost performance – all while meeting your technical requirements and IT budget.

Finally, An Enterprise Data Storage Solution That Meets All Your Requirements

In comparison to the other data storage solutions on the market, our CTC Technologies designed solutions backed by Nimble Storage have helped our customers achieve the following IT and business objectives:

  • Increased performance – Versus traditional storage solutions, our All Flash Arrays and Hybrid Predictive Flash Arrays delivers sub-ms performance and unparalleled efficiency
  • Reduced data center footprint – Experience increased subsystem performance and a reduction in required processing power that results in a smaller server footprint
  • Reduced complexity – Achieve increased performance with less hardware, resulting in lowered OpEx
  • Reduced electric and support costs – Our Nimble data storage customers always see a drastic reductions in power and support costs due to a smaller data center footprint


Is Performance Your Top Priority? Try Our All Flash Arrays

If you’re looking for a data storage solution that prioritizes performance and efficiency first, look no further than our Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays. Paired with Nimble’s predictive analytics, our All Flash Array solutions provide your end-users with unprecedented user-experience and data velocity.

  • Never worry about performance again – Sustain 1.2M IPOS with consistent sub-ms response times
  • Scale deep, out or up – Scale out to over 8PB in a cluster that’s managed as a single entity
  • Optimum application performance – Our All Flash Array solutions integrate with industry-leading applications to streamline deployment and simplify management


Our Hybrid Flash Arrays by Nimble Storage Provide Economical Power & Performance

Our Hybrid Flash Arrays by Nimble Storage enable organizations to achieve an all flash experience with one fifth the footprint of other legacy hybrid storage solutions. With the help of predictive analytics, our hybrid flash storage solutions provide the following key benefits:

  • Unmatched speed compared to other hybrid flash solutions – Write to disk at flash speed through write serialization. Write serialization allows you to use high density, low-RPM drives without penalty
  • Ground up flash design – Dynamic flash cache delivers performance even as workloads change. This results in a 10x efficiency increase over traditional tiered hybrid systems
  • ‘No single point of failure hardware and design’ – Non-stop availability delivers 99.9997% measured availability through predictive analytics


Leverage The Power of Predictive Analytics For Automated Optimization

Nimble Storage’s predictive analytics platform, known as InfoSight, integrates with both our All Flash and Hybrid Flash solutions. InfoSight works by collecting and scanning sensor data points in your arrays every four hours. This information is then analyzed and used to optimize the performance of your data infrastructure. In addition, Nimble’s predictive analytics platform allows organizations to solve common problems and inefficiencies, helping your data storage infrastructure run smoothly.