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Whether you have an existing wireless network that needs to be analyzed you're planning for a new wireless network installation, CTC Technologies can perform a wireless site survey in Ada, Michigan.

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Improve the Performance of Your WiFI With Wireless Site Surveys in Ada, Michigan. 

Increase the Performance of Your Wireless Network

WiFi surveys in Ada, Michigan are important whether you want to analyze the performance of your existing network or install a brand-new one. Your organization relies heavily on your wireless network. You need it to run smoothly so you don’t encounter any roadblocks in managing and operating your business. 

CTC Technologies is the leading provider of wireless networking in Ada, Michigan. We can conduct a wireless site survey for your business, helping address any concerns you might have or just ensuring that your business continues to run efficiently. 

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Why Would I Need a Wireless Site Survey?

A WiFi site survey is an important part of planning and designing a wireless network. It can also help you address and remedy any ongoing problems your current network might be encountering that affect the reliability and performance of your network. 

A wireless site survey looks at the following types of problems that commonly plague networks:

  • Inconsistent connections
  • Issues with network traffic and capabilities 

Your business might currently have an existing wireless network that you’re not sure how to scale to accommodate your growing business. A WiFi site survey will also help your business plan and design a new network that takes into account various factors, such as:

  • Number of devices
  • Size of premises 
  • Required coverage 
  • Building interference and construction
  • Current infrastructure 

Reap the Benefits of a WiFi Site Survey 

Wireless networks are essential in all types of businesses, from large corporations to retail stores. You need your network to perform consistently and efficiently so your business continues to operate and bring in income. 

Conducting a WiFi site survey can provide your business with multiple benefits. Some of them include:

  • Minimizing the indirect and direct costs to your company
  • Ensuring your network bandwidth is adequate to meet your needs
  • Evaluates the security requirements of your current network 

How Our Process Works

The specialists at CTC Technologies have years of experience in conducting wireless site surveys. One of our survey engineers will head out to your location and carry out an analysis that’s tailored to your business and current infrastructure. 

Step One: Schedule an Appointment 

Call our office at 734-408-1993 to schedule a wireless sit survey. 

Step Two: We Visit Your Location

Our engineers will conduct an expert examination of your current network. We’ll provide you with a report that includes our recommendations to improve performance and connectivity. 

We’ll also perform a thorough analysis of wireless coverage, network connectivity, and various recommendations on how we can configure your business’s wireless access points. 

Step Three: Grow Your Business With Reliable WiFi

Feel confident moving forward with your business knowing that your WiFi network supports your business’s needs. 

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What Sets CTC Technologies Apart

At CTC Technologies, we use industry-leading tools like Savvius Omnipliance and Ekahau Site Survey to deliver visual and data-driven insights to show you exactly what’s going on with your wireless network. We’re proud to help small businesses in the Ada area find solutions that help their businesses grow and flourish. 

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Contact CTC Technologies today to learn more about our IT services and to schedule a wireless site survey. Each of our surveys is tailored to meet your business’s individual needs.