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Whether you have an existing wireless network that needs to be analyzed you're planning for a new wireless network installation, CTC Technologies can perform a wireless site survey in Warren, Michigan.

The Benefits of a Wireless Site Survey in Warren, Michigan

At CTC Technologies, We Provide Advanced WI-FI Solutions and Site Surveys for New and Existing Networks in Warren, Michigan, and the Surrounding Area.

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Do you manage a wireless network that suffers from connection issues, a fluctuating signal, or interference? Give our expert team a call today to find out how we can help!

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At CTC Technologies, we specialize in network security, application delivery, and IT infrastructure. We provide industry-leading IT solutions that enable your organization to improve network performance, reduce risk, and operate more efficiently.

WI-FI Surveys in Warren, Michigan

Estimates show that up to 70% of business communications now rely on wireless networks. That makes your wireless network critical to the efficient running of your organization.

CTC Technologies offers wireless site surveys in Warren, Michigan, and the surrounding area.

Wireless Network Surveys

Wireless Site Surveys for New and Existing Networks

Wireless site surveys play an integral part in the planning and design process for wireless networks. They can also help to resolve existing problems with performance and reliability—like inconsistent connections, downtime in certain areas, network traffic issues and more.

During the site survey for a new network, our team take into account factors like the size of the site, the number of connected devices, the required coverage, the existing infrastructure, the construction of the building, and possible interference.

The Advantages of Conducting a Wireless Site Survey

Wireless dominates the business world, from the retail environment to corporate enterprise. However, to reap the full benefits of wireless for business, your network must maintain a consistent level of performance. A wireless site survey from CTC can tell you whether your network is secure and your bandwidth sufficient. It can also highlight any potential cost savings.

How We Conduct Site Surveys for WI-FI Networks

CTC Technologies’ wireless site surveys are comprehensive and take all contributing factors into account. When our team is on-site, our qualified survey engineers will carry out a thorough analysis based on your infrastructure and business needs. Our surveys typically include the following:

Expert analysis of your wireless network, including a full report outlining our recommendations for improved connectivity and performance.

Analysis of network connectivity and wireless coverage, as well as configuration recommendations for wireless access points.

Advice on reducing installation costs and avoiding unnecessary infrastructure changes or upgrades.

When we do the survey, our team uses Ekahau Site Survey and Savvius Omnipliance. These are industry-leading tools for providing data-driven and visual insights into exactly what is happening on your network.

Improve Your Connectivity

Every site survey from the experts at CTC Technologies is customized to meet your business’s specific needs. When the survey has been completed, we provide a full report with our professional recommendations

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If you’re planning to install a new wireless network, or you just want to check how well your existing network is working, a Wi-Fi site survey from CTC will give you all the information you need.