Top Wireless Access Point Vendors of 2018

No two enterprises are exactly the same, which means that your network needs are likely unique from anyone else in your industry. Because of this, it is important to choose the right network configuration for your specific needs, which means choosing the right wireless access points (WAPs) and vendors for your enterprise. This need only grows as your network does, and the bigger your enterprise is the more carefully you need to consider your network setup to prevent technical failures and security risks.

Trying to find the right WAP provider can be enough to make your head spin, especially when you start considering variables like connection methods, wireless ranges, coverage and the many types of WAPs available on the market. If you’re not sure what kind of WAP you need, then make sure to brush up on our guide to selecting enterprise wireless access points. The first step to choosing a provider is knowing what kind of WAPs you’ll need, and it only becomes more important as your enterprise and your needs expand and become more complex.


Aruba really does have it all when it comes to WAP providers, and the amount of options they have available makes it easy to find a WAP that fits your needs as closely as possible. Their selection includes standard indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 WAPs that can be distributed throughout a building as wall plates, desk stands or small hidden access points. All of Aruba’s WAPs are location-ready and can be managed via a controller, deployed as controller esso r set up with remote access, depending on your needs.

Their fastest indoor model is the 340 series WAP that supports speeds up to 2.2gbps. This point also comes with an integrated multi-gig ethernet port in addition to its wireless capabilities, allowing you to make the most out of the access point.

Aruba also provides outdoor WAPs for any enterprises that need wireless access outside or across campus grounds. The more rugged designs can also be used in high traffic areas and remain safe from damage from the elements or other physical harm.


Cisco is one of the biggest names in wireless communications, and if you’re searching for an established name then look no further. Cisco’s WAP selection includes both indoor and outdoor options, with the outdoor WAPs being small and tough to withstand tough industrial and outdoor conditions.

Cisco’s premier indoor WAP is its new 3800 series, which can be modified with either internal or external antennas. These modifications can be applied to outfit the WAP for use in different environments ranging from stadiums and arenas to corporate settings. You can also control this multi-gigabit WAP with a full controller setup for large networks or a virtual controller for small to medium sized networks. Cisco’s highest performing outdoor and industrial WAP is the Aironet 1570 series, which specializes in broadcasting a high-powered signal across a larger area to combat the lack of availability apparent in some outdoor networks.

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is aptly named, and their most powerful indoor WAP provides approximately 2.5 Gbps connection speed across dual radio channels. This indoor WAP, the AP 3935 offers extremely competitive wireless speeds on the standard 802.11ac platform.

Extreme Networks also offers outdoor solutions, with their most powerful outdoor WAP, AP 3965, also operating at 2.5gbps, and allowing for either internal or external antennas depending on your needs or environment.

Extreme Networks also offers a wide range of controllers. Their premier c5215 controller can operate up to 2,000 access points at once, allowing you to manage an extremely dense and powerful network through one controller with a redundant power supply and integrated controls.


Ruckus’s WAPs are rugged and adaptable, and their modern offerings even go so far as to support both Wave 2 and Wave 1 platforms, guaranteeing connection for nearly every device across your network. Their devices also allow you to skip the often costly task of pulling Ethernet cables for each and every access point by supporting SmartMesh connections.

Ruckus’ most powerful indoor WAP (the R720) is as powerful as Extreme’s, and supports speeds up to 2.5gbps through four streams of MU-MIMO connectivity. Ruckus also guarantees rugged security with the latest and greatest encryption and authentication methods you can expect from a wireless company.


Avaya also offers both indoor and outdoor WAPs, like the other providers on this list. Avaya has a long history as a business communications company, and alongside Cisco, is one of the most recognizable names on this list. Their offerings are tailored more towards communications and call centers, but their range of offerings can be adapted to many industries.

Avaya’s most popular WAP is the Wireless LAN 9100 series, which offers a broad range 802.11ac connection and can be adapted to be used either indoors or outdoors, as can be seen with their 9132 AP. These APs all offer up to 1.7gbps across either 2.4ghz or 5ghz channels.

Building Your Network

Building a wireless network is never easy, and with so many factors and vendors to consider, it can take a lot of work and head-scratching to find the right options and providers for your enterprise. However, with the right help you can make the entire process go much more smoothly and simplify your enterprise network setup. If you’re looking for help putting together a reliable wireless network for your business, then contact CTC Technologies for a consultation, and let us help you build a more connected business.