Construction / Engineering

Technological advances in the construction and engineering industries are forcing OEMs, suppliers,and manufacturers to rethink their IT initiatives. Our IT solutions for construction and engineering help organizations harness the full potential of their IT infrastructure and networks, resulting in increased efficiency, innovation and growth.

IT Infrastructure

Both construction and engineering industries operate within a constantly evolving landscape so having the the most optimal IT infrastructure is crucial to business growth and customer satisfaction. Poorly performing networks, incorrect configurations and unnecessary overhead costs affect your company’s bottom line.

CTC can help your company avoid these pitfalls, stay up-to-date and run efficiently with our IT solutions that will:

  • Increase your IT infrastructure performance by implementing a WAN optimization solution
  • Lower your overhead costs and decrease deployment time through a virtualized SD-WAN implementation
  • Boost your network speeds by upgrading crucial hardware like routers, switches and access points
  • Set strategic objectives
  • Cut time and cost by integrated process innovation and system implementation
  • Capture and manage information
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase collaboration

With each IT overhaul, your company can get a personalized, tailored infrastructure network that will ensure you are maintaining your competitive edge in either industry. Our goal is to reduce costs and increase efficiency so that every project, big and small, can be executed successfully.


Today’s constant, quick communication and full-access availability leads to industry growth, but it can also invite cyber attacks into networks that are not prepared to defend themselves. A secure network is vital for company reputation and customer satisfaction. With the migration of ERP and SCM applications to the Cloud, there are ripe opportunities for proficient hackers to gain access to critical information.

Our IT security solutions for construction/engineering have helped businesses achieve the following and more:

  • Increased visibility into network operations, allowing internal IT teams to fix problems quickly and efficiently
  • Better mobile security and endpoint protection for companies with a distributed workforce
  • Better data security and network security to protect your customer and business information
  • Keep data and applications protected from theft, disaster and hardware failure with DaaS


Companies must keep up with the demands placed on them by their mobile customer base. To do so, companies themselves need to be as mobile as possible, offering their clients multiple avenues for connecting without sacrificing any security or efficiency. Cloud-based management tools can improve employee-customer interactions, allowing businesses to save time, control labor and fuel costs, and manage resources and materials more effectively.

We help enterprises increase their mobility by helping them with some of the following:

  • Implementation of a secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to help boost employee innovation and productivity
  • Design, architecture, installation and support of a high-performance, high-availability enterprise wireless network
  • Identify shortcomings and mobile security vulnerabilities in existing networks and offer cost-effective solutions to rectify them
  • Implementation of Cloud-based management tools that improve interactions
  • Set up Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), which reduces capital expenditures while giving users access to data anytime, anywhere from any of their devices
  • Connection of employee devices across the same network improves productivity and communication


Communication with customers is key to any industry, but especially when you may be building a house for them or engineering a new way for conveyer belts to work in factories that will increase productivity. Whatever the message, how you communicate it to customers can make all the difference in satisfaction and likelihood that they’ll keep their business with you.

We offer the following communication solutions for the engineering and construction industries:

  • Verizon Enterprise lets businesses use their global networks to share date securely and reliably across all job sites.
  • Verizon Cloud solutions allow companies to maintain access to data from remote job sites even if servers fail, and they easily scale to help meet changing demands.
  • With machine-to-machine technology from Verizon, you can track assets, manage site and material logistics, and monitor equipment deployed remotely at job sites.
  • Set up a DaaS through Zumasys to simplify management, reduce capital expenditures, protect your data and apps, enable a mobile workforce and extend your IT department.

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