The education industry is as fast-moving and changing as the students and educators that comprise it. To keep up with the pace of the changing technological landscape in schools, industry leaders need to rethink their IT initiatives. Our IT solutions for education help institutions harness the full potential of their IT infrastructure and networks, resulting in increased innovation and growth for students and teachers alike.

IT Infrastructure

Education is arguably one of the most important industries across the globe. Future generations count on the system to be successful at networking and to provide them with cutting-edge solutions to create the best student experience possible in today’s marketplace. Having the right IT solution for your educational infrastructure is crucial to navigating this ever-changing landscape.

Our education IT initiatives will help ensure that your infrastructure is operating at its best because our cost-effective solutions help education leaders rethink and rewire their learning, operations and business models. Below are a few ways that CTC is redefining how leaders benefit from global services.

  • Business Transformation - Reshape instruction by creating and implementing solutions that enhance student engagement and improve interactions through mobile technologies and integrative technology models.
  • Back-Office System Support - Respond efficiently to student needs with services that integrate back-office systems like data warehousing and enterprise resource planning.
  • IT Infrastructure Services - Improve students’ learning experience and create efficient communication networks with an optimized IT infrastructure all while controlling costs.
  • Education Publishing - Students are on-the-go more than ever before, and this sector is growing more than any other in the industry. Keep up with our modern mobile society with mobile textbooks that can be viewed on tablets and smartphones. Delivery of content is immediately at the fingertips of students so communication is quick, easy and efficient.


The evolving landscape of the education industry has created endless opportunities for growth and collaboration. Along with the international reach, however, comes the increased concerns of protecting important information so that students, teachers and staff feel safe. With the migration of ERP and SCM applications to the Cloud, there are ripe opportunities for proficient hackers to gain access to critical information.

Our education IT security solutions have helped institutions achieve the following and more:

  • Increased visibility into network operations, allowing internal IT teams to fix problems quickly and efficiently
  • Better mobile security for mobile content on smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Better data security and network security to protect your student, teacher and staff data


As we mentioned above, and as many of you probably know if you have stepped out of the house in the last decade, our society has gone mobile in almost every aspect. Education is no exception. In fact, this industry may benefit from mobilization more than any other because many students have grown up in the technological landscape and know no other way.

Our education IT solutions can help your institution stay current and meet the latest demands of this mobile society without sacrificing innovation, efficiency or security.

We increase industry mobility by helping with some of the following:

  • Implementation of a secure network that allows students to access textbooks and connect with each other, as well as teachers, immediately, helping boost innovation and productivity
  • Design, architecture, installation and support of a high-performance, high-availability wireless network
  • Identify shortcomings and mobile security vulnerabilities in existing networks and offer cost-effective solutions to rectify them


A rich educational environment is only possible when students can get to resources and help any time they need them. Wireless networks and cutting-edge technology help students take the classroom with them wherever they go, which leads to increased efficiency in school work and greater student confidence.

We offer the following communication solutions:

  • Cisco Connected Learning allows students and educators to learn without limits by connecting students through the Internet to help immediate engagement and enriching higher education by allowing students an easier avenue for collaboration, personalized learning and security solutions.
  • Enterprise networks speed up innovation, control for costs and enhance security.
  • Mobility solutions allow textbook content to be viewed on smartphones and tablets.
  • Cloud solutions offer the control and compliance that schools and universities need.
  • Data center and virtualization deploy applications and cloud solutions faster and cheaper.
  • Security solutions keep sensitive information safe from the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

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