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Nimble AF1000: Pricing, IOPS, Specs and Review

The Nimble Storage AF1000

Nimble’s AF1000 is the entry-level All Flash array for its Predictive Flash platform.

This dynamic platform is based on Nimble’s two unique innovations, CASL™(Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout) and InfoSight Predictive Analytics™. Together, these included features create a solution that utilizes intelligent data analytics to provide independently-scalable performance and capacity, optimal deployment times, scale-to-fit architecture, and matchless predictive monitoring, management and support.

InfoSight Predictive Analytics automatically handles issues typically taken care of by level 1 and 2 support staff, predicting and preventing problems across the stack before they are ever recognized by the customer. This comprehensive solution support and management are unmatched by competitors.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Scalability Up To Enterprise Level For All Storage Arrays
  • Greatly Reduced Data Center Footprint
  • Optimal Performance (Up to 500k reported IOPS in highest-level cluster)
  • >99.9999% Availability: Nearly 100% Uptime for Critical Business Applications
  • Instant Backups
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Nimble Storage All Flash Pricing

Pricing varies depending on numerous factors. Because it is hard to pin down a specific price to report here, we suggest calling one of our sales associates to get more detailed pricing information that takes your unique infrastructure into consideration.

The more details you can provide on your project, the easier it is to quote the kind of numbers you can expect. Keep in mind the following aspects that will affect your solution price:


    • What kind and how much hardware is needed?
    • Supplemental?
    • Total overhaul?
    • Supported protocols needed?


    • All Flash Arrays?
    • Hybrid Flash Arrays?

Network size

    • Data center size
    • Storage needed
    • Application Specifics
    • Expected Growth

Installation Costs

    • Will you or your team install the solution?
    • Will you need to hire an outside installation crew?

AF1000 Specs

This powerful entry-level All Flash array achieves 20% more usable capacity per TB of raw flash than competitors do. While it is common for IT teams to be weary of entry point solutions, there is no need to worry about typical shortfalls with the AF1000 because it is a member of the All Flash Array portfolio, inheriting the same architecture and feature set seen in every Nimble All Flash array.

Product Specs:

  • Max IOPS (100% Read): 40,000
  • Max IOPS (70% Read / 30% Write): 35,000
  • Raw Capacity (TB/TiB): 6-46 / 5-42
  • Usable Capacity (TB/TiB): 4-33 / 3-30
  • Effective Capacity (TB/TiB): 20-165 / 15-150
  •      Note: Effective capacity assumes 5x data reduction.
  • Max # of Expansion Shelves: 1
  • RAID Level: Triple+ Parity
  • Onboard iSCSI/Mgmt 1Gb/10Gb Ports Per Array: 4
  • Optional iSCSI 1Gb Ports Per Array: 4 or 8
  • Optional iSCSI 10Gb Ports Per Array: 4
  • Optional FC 8Gb/16Gb Ports Per Array: 4 or 8
  • Power Requirement (Watts/kVA): 550/0.61

SSD Expansion Shelf:

  • Raw Capacity (TB/TiB): 6-184/5-167
  • Usable Capacity (TB/TiB): 4-137 / 4-124
  • Effective Capacity (TB/TiB): 20-685 / 19-620
  •      Note: Effective capacity assumes 5x data reduction.
  • Power Requirement: 325W / 0.36kVA

Physical Specs:

  • Dimensions: 7”H x 17.5”W x 26.5”D 17.8 cm x 44.5 cm x 67.3 cm 4 Rack Units
  • Weight: 80 lbs / 36 kg

Nimble Storage AF1000 Reviews

We had been having performance issues with our previous storage solutions. After a quick chat and running some SQL IO tests we decided to bring in a nimble to help improve performance and increase our storage capacity.

“We have since added a shelf to expand space and are using replication between two locations. The ease of use live updating, and comprehensive reporting have all made this set up [sic] and deployment a breeze.

Spiceworks Commenter, Nov. 2016

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