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Top Five Enterprise Router Vendors of 2018

Who Sells the Best Router for the Enterprise?

Like most tech questions, this isn’t a simple one to answer.

Looking at enterprise routers won’t do you much good if you don’t also take into consideration things like your company’s infrastructure, future outlook, budget, size and more.

Without getting into too much detail, we’ve outlined our top five picks for enterprise router vendors in today’s market below. We based these decisions on experience and successful results that our own diverse clientele has received.

To know which exact enterprise router is perfect for your company, we’d have to do a little more digging into your IT specifics. If this is something that you’re interested in after reading the company overviews below, contact us to schedule an audit so that we can start finding your optimal solution today.

Top Five Enterprise Router Vendors of 2017

1. Cisco

Topping our list, a name you’ve no doubt heard before and one of our trusted partners, is Cisco.

A tech industry giant, Cisco is not well-known on a fluke. We’ve seen success across hundreds of deployments for many different companies with highly-diverse infrastructures.

A mega player in the enterprise game, Cisco’s top router features are simplicity, agility, scalability, automation, intelligence and security.

Our clients specifically like how simple these are to operate, making SD-WAN and new service deployments, as well as cloud scaling, on any platform quick, simple and efficient.

They also feel secure because every router comes with integrated threat defense, which means the network is secured edge-to-edge 24/7.

Cisco Router Options Include:


    • 800 Series ISR
    • 4000 Series ISR
    • Meraki MX

WAN Aggregation

    • NCS 5000 Series
    • NCS 5500 Series
    • ASR 1000 Series


    • ASR 1000 Series
    • ASR 9000 Series

Service Provider Core

    • NCS 5500 Series
    • NCS 6000 Series
    • ASR 9000 Series


    • 800 Series Industrial ISR
    • 900 Series Industrial
    • 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers
    • 2000 Series Connected Grid Routers
    • 500 Series WPAN Industrial Routers


    • IOS XRv 9000
    • CSR 1000v

2. Juniper Networks

Juniper comes in at number two on our list because we have seen comparable success with these routers to that experienced with Cisco solutions.

About 12 years Cisco’s junior, Juniper was founded in the late ‘90s and was challenging the competitor’s previous dominance with a 37% share of the core routers market by 2001.

With a series of routers suitable for most IT environments, Juniper’s products are comprehensive, scalable and secure solutions.

Top features that our clients enjoy are the simplicity, speed and investment protection attainable with Juniper Networks’ solutions.

Juniper Router Options Include:

MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers

    • vMX
    • MX5
    • MX10
    • MX40
    • MX80
    • MX104
    • MX240
    • MX480
    • MX960
    • MX 2008
    • MX2010
    • MX2020

PTX Series Packet Transport Routers

    • PTX1000
    • PTX3000
    • PTX5000

ACX Series Universal Access Routers

    • ACX500
    • ACX1000
    • ACX1100
    • ACX2100
    • ACX2200
    • ACX4000
    • ACX5000

CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms

    • CTP150
    • CTP2008
    • CTP2024
    • CTP2056
    • T4000 Core Router

3. HPE

HPE is another contender on this list with which our clients have experienced great success. All of HPE’s routers are fixed port, modular and virtual/wireless.

Best-suited for highly-virtual, distributed environments, HPE router solutions offer instant enterprise-level Wi-Fi, security and performance.

Our customers specifically like the zero-touch deployment that makes scalability a synch and the ease of integration with locations that have already made the switch from traditional WAN to broadband.

HPE Router Options Include:

Fixed Port, Modular, and Virtual/Wireless Routers

  • FLexNetwork MSR95x Router Series
  • FlexNetwork HSR6800 Router Series
  • Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router Series
  • PS110 Wireless VPN Router Series
  • R100 Wireless VPN Router Series
  • FlexNetwork MSR1000 Router Series
  • FlexNetwork MSR4000 Router Series
  • FlexNetwork MSR2000 Router Series
  • FlexNetwork VSR1000 Virtual Services Router Series
  • FlexNetwork MSR3000 Router Series
  • FlexNetwork MSR93x Router Series
  • FlexNetwork HSR6600 Router Series
  • FlexNetwork 6600 Router Series
  • MSR20-1x Series

4. Arista

Though we have less experience with Arista than with the top three companies on this list, our engineers have built and deployed a few successful router solutions for companies whose architecture was a match and whose IT requested it.

With fewer options that the aforementioned market leaders, Arista packs a lot of punch into its enterprise R-Series portfolio. Arista, with its patented FlexRoute technology, applies the cloud principles of scalable, simple, software-driven networking to routing.

Powered by Arista EOS® and CloudVision®, these platforms allow customers to leverage them for roles requiring high-performance routing, high port density and deep buffers, integrated DWDM, and cloud automation.

Unlike with traditional routers, our customers using the Arista R-Series platform can build, transform and modernize their routing layer for multiple applications.

Arista Router Options Include:

Arista R-Series FlexRoute

  • 7280R Router
  • 7500R Router

5. Nokia

Whether you’re looking for IP core or edge routing, Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) has you covered.

Nokia’s IP routing solutions cover all aspects of networking, providing scalable, versatile, secure and efficient solutions for core and edge routing, and well as mobile backhaul, transport, and access.

We have not worked closely with Nokia solutions for our customers in the past, but we are open-minded to any options that will help our clients meet their IT requirements. As such, we can’t speak to direct success with these solutions, but we will be on the lookout for Nokia news and specs as the market changes.

Nokia Router Options Include:

  • 7705 Service Aggregation Router
  • 7750 Service Router
  • 7950 Extensible Routing System

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When choosing an enterprise router, different pros and cons may appeal to you and your team depending on your current infrastructure, future outlook (i.e. growth) and budget.

Before making the choice, consider how each vendor above would relate to your company’s physical, as well as speculative, needs and wants.

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