Cisco Meraki

Meraki offers a complete cloud managed product family including wireless LAN, Ethernet switches, security appliances, and mobile device management, all built to simplify the challenges of modern, device and application-centric networks. Meraki is trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide.

CTC Technologies offers the Cisco Meraki solution to enhance the wireless capabilities in your office. Discuss with us your business needs and how this fits into your networking strategy. Whether in Michigan, Colorado or somewhere in between, CTC Technologies is ready to plan and deploy your Meraki solution for your small, medium or large enterprise.

Why Meraki?

  • Easy to set up: all drop-down menus are in an easy to use interface with enterprise functionality.
  • Easy to access: configure and monitor the network from anywhere that a browser can be accessed.
  • Easy to scale: ship Meraki hardware anywhere and add it to your network just by entering the serial number into the dashboard.
  • Easy to monitor: with Meraki dashboard the reports and timely features can be easily used.

Meraki Product Features

  • Deep network visibility: Layer 7 visibility and management for fine-grained control over how people use the network bandwidth.
  • Live troubleshooting: Ethernet cable testing, event logs, and live packet captured right from the dashboard.
  • Bulletproof security: 6 complex devices built into one, easy-to use security appliance – (1) branch router, (2) firewall, (3) site-to-site VPN, (4) content filter, (5) load balancer, and (6) WAN accelerator.
  • High density support: Automatically optimizes and delivers superior performance in the highest density wireless environments and under intense interference conditions.
  • Location analytics: CMX location analytics provides real-time location statistics to improve customer engagement and loyalty across sites.
  • Mobility management: The only networking solution that provides unified management of mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and the entire network from a centralized dashboard.

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