4 Network Cabling Service Mistakes To Avoid

Wireless technology garners many of today’s IT-related headlines. However, there are few elements as crucial to a productive setting than reliable network cabling.

Recognizing that, ensuring your network cabling service providers deliver on the promise of an efficient and effective network is crucial.

To help, here are four network cabling service mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Emphasizing Neatness

Atop the list of “musts” for any IT project is ensuring that the next technician can readily understand any and all work previously performed for network cabling, access points, or anything else.

A clear and logically arranged array of cables contributes to that goal. The alternative — a rat’s nest of network cabling — sends up a huge red flag that previous technicians employed shortcuts to reach a project’s finish line.

That red flag means there are likely other challenges ahead. Such challenges may include complicating regular maintenance efforts and increasing the likelihood of human error.

2. Forgoing a Plan

Full-time network cabling technicians lay several thousand feet of cables per year or more. But that experience is no reason to bypass a detailed plan, which helps:

  • Determine a timeline
  • Uncover potential challenges
  • Provide project transparency to clients/stakeholders (architects, office managers, etc.)

A plan also ensures all parties are aware of any existing client guidelines for cabling infrastructure. Often, the burden of addressing an overlooked specification falls to the network cabling team.

Best to make sure everyone is on the same page — literally, by signing off on a detailed network cabling service plan.

3. Being Shortsighted

No one can predict what tomorrow holds. But that shouldn’t stop network cabling technicians from making an educated guess or two based on an understanding of:

  1. Developing networking and communication technologies
  2. A client’s business growth forecasts

Will addressing those two items fully future-proof a network cabling effort undertaken today? Not entirely. It will, however, aid efforts by ensuring ample space to, say, modify existing drops with as little aggravation as possible.

4. Failing to Communicate

Every vendor you hire wishes to be the last vendor you ever hire for that particular service. They want to wow you with a client experience so exceptional that your business will never look elsewhere.

That’s not typically the case, though. For many reasons, enterprises switch up their service providers. It’s vital, then, to ensure that records on installation decisions — an ongoing log of what services were performed, when they were performed, and why they were performed — be kept in a safe and easily accessible location.

Such a log makes any transition from one service provider to another smoother whether the service is IT, legal, accounting, or any other field.

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