Head-To-Head: Symantec and Digital Guardian Data Loss Prevention Solutions

In our 5 Top Digital Loss Prevention Providers for 2019 article, we examined how top data loss prevention providers’ performance and market conditions will influence the field in 2019. Now, we’re setting up a head-to-head comparison between two of those entries — Symantec and Digital Guardian — thanks to aggregated data from some of the web’s top review sites.

There’s little question that Symantec controls a larger portion of the data loss prevention market … but does that mean you shouldn’t look at any other solution?


One solution we recommend you look at is Digital Guardian. It’s a solution we feel slips under the radar a bit and is worthy of a closer look.

What Users Say

Top IT review site offers an inside look at the data loss prevention solutions provided by both Symantec and Digital Guardian courtesy of professionals who use them every day.

Overall User Rating
Symantec: 4.5 out of 5
Digital Guardian: 4.2 out of 5

Would Recommend
Symantec: 83%
Digital Guardian: 76%

Service + Support
Symantec: 4.4 out of 5
Digital Guardian: 4.2 out of 5

Our Take

The reviews on Gartner come close to representing our real-world experience, which is this: Digital Guardian is neck-and-neck with the capabilities you’d expect out of Symantec, which is the market share king right now.

These Digital Guardian numbers are perhaps a little low. We could attribute that to a few different things but will stop at underscoring how vital it is to work with the right vendor when rolling out a data loss prevention solution. Nothing short of that will get the best performance out of Digital Guardian, Symantec, or other data loss prevention solution.

Pros + Cons

Every solution has its pros and cons. We take a look at those for Symantec and Digital Guardian thanks to and

Symantec Pro:

  • Highly scalable
  • Impressive cloud coverage

Symantec Con:

  • “The management interface is clunky and does not work on Chrome browser.”

Digital Guardian Pro:

  • Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints
  • Can be on-premise, cloud or hybrid

Digital Guardian Con:

  • Can be challenging for enterprises of more than 2,000 endpoints.

Our Take

Every IT solution carries its fair share of pros and cons. The bottom line for these two industry powerhouses is that they’ll give you fewer cons to worry about and plenty of available support to increase your “pros” day by day.


Cost consideration factors into every aspect of an IT department’s operations. Fortunately, working with an effective data loss prevention provider should work with any reasonable budget.

Symantec: Starts at $49 per month, on the lower end of the data loss prevention software scale.

Digital Guardian: Annual costs for perpetual customers: $15 to $25/seat/year range; managed services customers: $35 to $45/seat/year. Like Symantec, Digital Guardian’s pricing is considered to be on the lower end of the data loss prevention software scale.

Our Take

Here’s another example of why it’s so important to sit down with a data loss prevention solution provider: every enterprise features a unique mix of issues that practically begs for an appropriately unique solution. One size does not fit all.

The range presented above for Digital Guardian becomes far more exact when data like installation size and complexity are factored into the equation.

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