Our Preferred WAN Accelerator: Silver Peak Systems

CTC Technologies is proud to offer highly scalable WAN Accelerators from Silver Peak Systems. Let CTC Technologies help you design and install a WAN application acceleration solution today. CTC Technologies can help improve network latency response times with the complete family of Silver Peak WAN accelerators which feature robust management tools that facilitate key IT initiatives, including data replication, network backup, disaster recovery, server centralization, and application delivery.

There are many challenges with existing WAN technologies that make it difficult to deliver applications across a distributed enterprise. WAN acceleration can benefit enterprises by:

  • Improving the performance of core business applications across the WAN, including file transfers, mail/calendaring, HTTP downloads, ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Facilitating data center consolidation
  • Improving the performance and reliability of data replication and recovery between disaster recovery facilities.

CTC Technologies offers Silver Peak NX Series appliances which leverage a variety of technology components to minimize WAN limitations, ensuring secure and scalable traffic delivery with maximum application performance.

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