Silver Peak Add-ons: Orchestrator & Boost Packages

Unity EdgeConnect delivers an edge-to-edge experience for any combination of connectivity that, in our experience, is unparalleled in today’s market.

This dynamic solution leads the industry in performance and capacity, offering 3x that of its closest competitors, and it’s extremely flexible.

Customers can replace existing infrastructures in total or choose to deploy a secure, virtual WAN overlay to work seamlessly with legacy architectures, leveraging both broadband and MPLS.

This flexibility creates an enterprise-level WAN without sacrificing performance and, paired with with the solution’s efficient scalability, reduces customers’ CAPEX and OPEX, helping them obtain ROI quickly.

Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect Add-ons

Unity Orchestrator

This dynamic add-on, included with a Unity EdgeConnect solution, is optimal for IT teams that want complete control and visibility into SD-WAN deployments. The levels of visibility into legacy and cloud applications that our customers have received with Unity Orchestrator are unprecedented in today’s market.

Customer specifically like the unique ability to assign business intent policies to ensure security and control of all WAN traffic from a central provisioning center.

Key features of Unity Orchestrator include:

1. Single Screen Administration

  • Central provisioning
  • Eliminates error-prone policy changes

2. Real-Time Monitoring and Reports

  • Provide specific details into network statistics
  • Current and historical
  • Continuous monitoring of loss, latency and packet ordering across all paths
  • Identifies HTTP and native app traffic by name and location
  • Alerts allow IT to resolve service provider issues quickly and efficiently

3. Bandwidth Cost Savings Reports

  • Outlines how much customer has saved since moving to broadband connectivity

Unity Boost

This optional package is great for companies that require higher performance for certain applications when deploying branches as part of a Hybrid or SD-WAN.

By simply clicking a button, customers can add Boost to their EdgeConnect solution and increase application performance, like accelerating replication data across the WAN for disaster recovery, as needed.

Key features of Unity Boost include:

1. Latency Mitigation

  • Minimize latency effects with TCP and other acceleration techniques.
  • Significantly improve app response edge-to-edge.

2. Data Reduction

  • Compression and dedupe is applied to all traffic, eliminating repetitive transmission.
  • Data Reduction can be applied to all IP-based protocols, including TCP and UDP.

Unity Boost provides customers with the flexibility to deploy enhanced capabilities where and when they’re needed.

Customers don’t waste money because Unity Boost is licensed per-megabit-per-second,  per-month, driving down overall CAPEX and OPEX.

CTC Technologies, Inc. Can Help You Schedule a Demo Today!

We can help improve your network latency response times with a complete Unity EdgeConnect solution, which features robust management tools that facilitate key IT initiatives, including data replication, network backup, disaster recovery, server centralization and application delivery.

There are many challenges with existing WAN technologies that make it difficult to deliver applications across a distributed enterprise. Unity EdgeConnect with Orchestrator and Boost can benefit enterprises by:

  • Improving the performance of core business applications across the WAN, including file transfers, mail/calendaring, HTTP downloads, ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Facilitating data center consolidation.
  • Improving the performance and reliability of data replication and recovery between disaster recovery facilities.

Because of Unity EdgeConnect’s comprehensive, efficient and dynamic features, it’s our go-to for customers looking for a Hybrid or SD-WAN solution.

We’ve seen the results, but we’d be happy to setup a demo so that you can see them for yourself. Give us a call at 734.408.1993 or fill out our contact form today. We’ll be in touch shortly.

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