Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect: Our Preferred SD-WAN Solution

CTC Technologies, Inc. is proud to partner with Silver Peak Systems to offer our customers its intelligent, flexible SD-WAN solution, Unity EdgeConnect.

EdgeConnect delivers an edge-to-edge experience for any combination of connectivity that, in our experience, is unparalleled in today’s market.

We have deployed a Silver Peak solution for companies that were looking to add SD-WAN onto their MPLS-based network, as well as others that wanted to scrap reliance on MPLS altogether, leveraging only the Internet for enterprise connectivity.

While it’s possible for Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect to replace your existing infrastructure in total, it can also create a secure, virtual WAN overlay on top of current infrastructures to work seamlessly with legacy architectures, leveraging both broadband and MPLS. This flexibility creates an enterprise-level WAN without sacrificing any performance.

In fact, this dynamic solution leads the industry in performance and capacity, offering 3x that of its closest competitors.

Looking for specs on industry-leading SD-WAN solutions? Click here to download our Top SD-WAN Companies of 2018 Comparison Whitepaper today.

Silver Peak’s physical and virtual WAN appliances support all standard industry hypervisors and can be deployed in any branch office, headquarter or data center, big and small.

Seamless deployment gives IT teams the ability to implement the solution themselves instead of hiring outside engineers, which makes it simple for them to move to a broadband SD-WAN solution at their own pace.

EdgeConnect provides the flexibility to use any combination of underlying transport technologies without compromising network or application performance. This, along with efficient scalability, reduces our customers’ CAPEX and OPEX, helping them obtain ROI quickly.

We can help you design and install (or demo) a Unity EdgeConnect solution today.

Quality solution add-ons include:

Looking for specs on industry-leading SD-WAN solutions? Click here to download our Top SD-WAN Companies of 2018 Comparison Whitepaper today.

Let CTC Technologies Inc. Help You Build a Better WAN

We can help improve your network latency response times with the complete family of Silver Peak WAN accelerators, which feature robust management tools that facilitate key IT initiatives, including data replication, network backup, disaster recovery, server centralization and application delivery.

There are many challenges with existing WAN technologies that make it difficult to deliver applications across a distributed enterprise. WAN acceleration can benefit enterprises by:

  • Improving the performance of core business applications across the WAN, including file transfers, mail/calendaring, HTTP downloads, ERP, CRM, etc.
  • Facilitating data center consolidation.
  • Improving the performance and reliability of data replication and recovery between disaster recovery facilities.

Our skilled engineers have extensive experience in building and implementing SD-WAN solutions for various companies. Because of Unity EdgeConnect’s comprehensive, efficient and dynamic features, Silver Peak is our go-to provider for Hybrid and SD-WAN solutions for our customers.

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