The Economics of Enterprise SAN Storage

Enterprise IT companies are turning more to SAN Storage solutions to meet increasingly demanding deployment times and performance needs. End user experience, employee productivity and company growth depend on fully-functioning, efficient business applications.

Because of this, gone are the days that companies choose infrastructure investments with a sole focus on capital and operational expenditures. IT managers are still concerned with reducing OPEX and CAPEX, but increased solution availability means they can keep an eye on other aspects like ROI, $/IOPS, $/GB and IT support.

In other words, investment consideration has shifted from total cost to what IT managers can get for a set price and how quickly they can see a return on their investment. They’re not trying to lower their budget, but are interested in getting more bang for their buck.

Many IT managers with this mindset turn to a SAN storage solution because it:

  • Consolidates all of their business data into one unit.
  • Reduces backup and deployment time.
  • Improves application availability and performance.
  • Implements disaster recovery for multiple apps at once.
  • Provides optimal support.
  • Better utilizes the disk.

All of these aspects, in turn, efficiently lead to lower TCO in the end and quicker ROI in the beginning.

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Why We Choose Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Platform For Our Customers

Keeping all of this in mind and with years of experience involving SAN solutions, CTC Technologies, Inc. recommends the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Platform to our customers.

This platform is the only one of its kind in today’s marketplace. The predictive all-flash array combines the fast performance of flash with unmatched UX. Suitable for all workloads, this dynamic solution provides efficient speed, zero-impact scalability and adaptive service levels, all while dramatically reducing TCO and datacenter footprint.

The bottom line: Costs decrease while productivity increases, allowing IT to avoid the tradeoff between flash-level performance and legacy solutions.

Nimble Storage has married the two in one solution that scales seamlessly to your needed capacity and provides cloud-based infrastructure support.

Check out the infographic below to see what this adaptive flash platform could look like for your SAN by the numbers.

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