Savvius offers a range of technology products, services and solutions to empower business teams. Specializing in actionable network visibility, Savvius is an industry leader when it comes to giving network engineers exactly what they need to succeed in their organizations. Savvius products are trusted by network professionals in more than 6,000 companies from 60 different nations.


CTC Technologies offers Savvius solutions to enhance your network performance. When you discuss your enterprise technology needs with our team, we will take the time to help you figure out how Savvius networking solutions can fit into your company strategy. When you need to significantly improve your network performance, CTC Technologies is ready to help you choose, plan, and deploy Savvius solutions to investigate and solve any problems you are having with your network.

Why Savvius?

Savvius provides visibility and insight into your network operations. Using this information and Savvius technologies, you can carry out a forensic investigation into your network issues to find out what processes are causing delays.

Savvius services can also help you resolve issues with your enterprise networks. The technologies will help you reduce the Mean Time to Resolution of your network performance issues. The faster you can resolve issues with your company networks, the sooner you can get your business working at full capacity once again. In this way, Savvius technologies can help you avoid losing revenue due to networking issues.

Savvius Product Features

  • Savvius Spotlight provides visibility into your network. You can get a broad view of your network and then zoom in to pinpoint any traffic issues that are affecting the performance of your network.
  • Savvius Omnipeek provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring the performance of your network.

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