Silver Peak Unity Orchestrator

Unprecedented Visibility and Control for SD-WAN Deployments

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Unity Orchestrator is included with Unity EdgeConnect, and provides customers with unprecedented levels of visibility into both data center and cloud applications, and the unique ability to centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all WAN traffic.


  • Single Screen Administration – enables quick and easy implementation of network-wide business intent policies, which eliminates complex and error-prone policy changes at every branch.
  • Granular Real-Time Monitoring and Historical Reporting – provides specific details into application, location, and network statistics, including continuous performance monitoring of loss, latency, and packet ordering for all network paths. All HTTP and native application traffic are identified by name and location, and alarms and alerts allow for faster resolution of service provider issues.
  • Bandwidth Cost Savings Reports – document the cost savings for moving to broadband connectivity.

Deployment Options

  • On-premise – Deploy Orchestrator as a virtual machine in your data center.
  • Private cloud – Deploy Orchestrator as a virtual instance within Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Cloud-hosted Orchestrator – Silver Peak cloud-hosted Orchestrator provides a highly reliable, zero-CAPEX alternative. Enterprises can subscribe to Orchestrator as a software service that supports all Orchestrator features without the complexity of managing on premise virtual compute and storage resources.